What God Will Do

Dear Tabernacle Family,

Welcome to 2021! The new year of the Olympics. The year the Bills go to the playoffs with new strength. The possibilities are endless for what 2021 will bring. After the uncertainty of this past year, the future seems to be opening again and I sense a great expectation of WHAT GOD WILL DO.

As I reflect on 2020, this past year has brought time together with my children that would have never occurred without a pandemic.

The daycare reached low attendances of one on some days and yet God provided a way to stay open and ready to serve essential workers. In staying open, we received blessings that would never have come our way otherwise and made us better.

Our ministry at the daycare has involved families in crisis and we were able to minister and pray for so many.

My family faced health crises that were non-COVID related but were difficult to navigate due to the COVID pause. We have weathered these crises and are so much better for it.

All around me, friends and loved ones from around the world have faced the uncertainty of COVID. Some have survived and, sadly, some have not. I am grateful for God’s miracles and protection as my husband and I have served alongside so many others at the front line of this pandemic.

For all this, WE ARE GRATEFUL.

God is our provider.

God is our defender.

God is our help.

God is our strength.

God is our rock.

As we wait out the storm and follow the lead of the Holy Spirit, we will know when to move and when to stay; when to speak and when to stay silent. We will be in sync with the Holy Spirit and He will direct our paths.

I am believing for a greater sense of God’s leading in 2021!

Please join me in expectation of WHAT GOD WILL DO!!

Pastor Sharon Baldwin

The Tabernacle Preschool Ministries

Director, Southwestern Daycare

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