The Blessing of Giving

As we head into this holiday season, sharing the love of Christ with others is even more important than in previous years. This is especially true for those served through The Tabernacle Food Pantry and the Boxes of Love Holiday Food program. With over 40 families served each week at the pantry and preparations currently taking place to distribute over 500 Thanksgiving Boxes of love, the volunteers for these ministries are lifelines to those they reach.

In a way only God can make possible, these ministries reach out to those it serves and those who serve. Speaking with several dedicated and caring volunteers, it is clear how God is working in their lives. Seeing the pantry through the volunteers’ eyes, not only as place to give one’s time, but a place where they themselves receive ministry.

The volunteers commented on the blessing of relationships with fellow volunteers and clients alike, and how those relationships are what makes the pantry such a special place and Boxes of Love such an impacting event. The Spirit-filled atmosphere as people share with one another and lift each other up with words and in prayer was specifically mentioned.

One long time volunteer’s first comment was “I so enjoyed our clients!!” She continued on to say: “I think the important part of the pantry is not built on ‘big’ miracles but the weekly relationships we build with the clients. We love on them by listening and caring about their circumstances and problems and praying with them if they want us to. I felt many of them came not only for the food but also for the friendship. Many are lonely and in difficult situations. My life was richer by getting to know them.”

Another volunteer’s perspective highlighted each person’s commitment. “I’ve never worked at a food pantry before, but I couldn’t help but notice all the dedication of each individual working. First and foremost, it was the passion of Jim and Lisa Delmont to feed the hungry in our community. Their willingness to pray and share Christian love to all who came through our door. Then there was the abundance of food sharing from many of our local businesses and farmers. Also, the workers who are so willing to unload trucks and carts of donations no matter what.”

We extend a warm and grateful ‘Thank You’ to the special individuals who support these ministries with their time and energy. Although the food pantry and Boxes of Love are currently on a standby list for volunteers, both ministries still need your prayers and financial support. Please prayerfully consider what you can do to further God’s call in this area.

If any of our church family are in need of a box for Thanksgiving or Christmas, please call The Tabernacle office as soon as possible to be placed of the receiving list. Your Thanksgiving box pick up date would be Monday, November 23 between 9:30am – 3:00pm.

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