Pentecost Together

Hey Tab Family,

As I began to think and pray about Pentecost this year, all I could hear was “Pentecost Together.” About 3 years ago on June 9, 2017, the Church of WNY did an event called Pentecost Together. Churches from all over Western New York gathered together to bring unity and partnership to His church in this region. I reminisced about that day in my mind and even went back and watched the video ( What a beautiful time as we gathered on a united front to see the church of WNY have the fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit as one church.

As I really began to press in and ask the Lord what He was saying in all this as we aren’t able to gather like that right now, I received a revelation that it’s not about a gathering with thousands lifting him up; although it was wonderful and I miss it. The Holy Spirit knows no boundaries and He is not confined to a building. He is all around us, in us. What took place in the upper room is still resounding today. The Holy Spirit that was there that day is still with us today, wherever we are. You will receive power not in a specific building, not in a specific place, but right where you are. Peter, after he was filled that day, passionately spoke the prophecy in Acts 2:17-21. It’s still being fulfilled!

I want to encourage you today that the Holy Spirit is still moving. He is still capable of doing all that He promised! The church is a people, not a building. So let’s come again for Pentecost Together; not in a place but in spirit and truth, believing and receiving that God is still doing what He said He would. Holding to the word that states He will pour out His Spirit on all people! Thousands can still lift Him up together and see all the Lord has promised and the Holy Spirit moving in power. Let’s press in together..every man, woman, and never before to see what the Holy Spirit will do like never before. (2 Chron 7:14) I long to see what God will do when His people come together without walls but in humility, prayer, seeking, and repentance. He will MOVE!

In His Name,

Jenn Cupicha

Children's Pastor

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