Nothing is Impossible with Jesus

Dear Tabernacle Family,

It is time for life-giving Faith.

Jesus came with a plan to reestablish the Kingdom of God and maintain His power over the enemy. He came to demonstrate what happens when Heaven touches earth. Jesus came with purpose. His purpose was to redeem us from the curse of the law of sin and death, to defeat the enemy who had illegally taken control, and power from man through lies and deceit. Jesus came with a Covenant Promise. Not a contract sealed on paper, but a covenant in His blood; a sacrifice that far surpassed those of the Old Covenant. Jesus came to share His power and authority. He demonstrated spiritual power through His death on the cross and His resurrection on the third day. He came to raise up a people who would rule in this upside-down kingdom, a people who were hungry and thirsty for God’s presence and power not only in their own lives but in the world around them.A people who knew how to be Naturally Supernatural.

Life-giving faith is trust in the person of Jesus. Life-giving faith must move beyond reason to trust. The Scripture says, “according to your faith, be it unto you.” Life-giving faith is what determines the measure, and often the manner, of the gifts of God working in your life.

Life-giving faith teaches you how to become what you believe! In fact, you are what you believe. It has nothing to do with age, finances or even talent! If you believe that with God all things are possible, you can believe that God's has, does have, and will always have a great plan for you. You can stop those negative thoughts in a quick minute by believing God.

When you become what you believe, you can tell your negative thoughts to have a new perspective. You can believe that with your new positive outlook you will have a great outcome. God plans for us to be happy and successful, but it takes faith and the right attitude. Attitude makes a huge difference in our perspective. Faith, even a tiny morsel of faith, can turn your life around.

Jesus asked the blind man, “what do you want.” He answered, “I want to see.” Jesus said to him, “become what you believe” and his sight was restored. That is life-giving faith. He saw firsthand that everything was possible with Jesus. You are what you believe you are. You can do anything with Jesus on your side. Nothing is impossible.

Faithfully Yours,

Pastor Jo Ann

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