Dear Tabernacle Family,

The people of the Tabernacle choose optimism. Optimism rooted in hope!

I love this quote by one of Bishop Robert’s friends, Daniel Juster: “The Bible is very optimistic about the end times. Jesus is returning and the world will be redeemed and restored not ‘coming to an end’”

Is it easier when looking at a fallen world for us to subscribe to a nihilistic gospel version? Where did we come up with this, “Coming to an end” idea? Does it help justify the neglect of personal responsibility for helping restore and redeem the broken world? Are we justifiably saying, “It’s all going to get blown up anyway. How can I make things any better?”

The true optimistic gospel message of the redemption and restoration of the world is a weight of responsibilty. It means we carry a great weight and responsibility as humanity to help the Messiah carry out a great act. He has empowered us through the great commission to work towards repairing a broken world.

The Bible is also clear that there will be an epic battle between those on the side of evil and those on the side of good. Essentially those “working to destroy the world” (EVIL) against those “working to repair the world” (GOOD).

Let’s challenge ourselves to choose optimism each day. Not naive optimism, but the optimistic hope-filled vision of restoring and redeeming the world. It’s this heavy burden of responsibility that welcomes the Spirit of Messiah to lead us out of our lives of comfort and into repairing and restoring a broken world.

Today let’s choose to cooperate with the personal repairs the Holy Spirit is leading us in our own lives. While on that path, we can help others in their journey of repairing their lives and world. With the Messiah’s help, we can repair the world. Let’s be optimistic, let’s choose hope!! Tikkun Olam!

Who’s with me?

Pastor Mark Passarella

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