The Voice of God

Hello Tab Family!

This weekend has been set aside for us to tune in, posture ourselves, and hear the voice of God. In these days of information that continuously penetrates our lives from every angle, it is vital that we lean in perhaps like never before, to hear The Voice that supersedes all other voices … in fact, this Voice has dominion over all other voices. This Voice will render verdicts over situations, circumstances, crisis, and yes, even disease!!

God is always speaking, so just how do we as individuals hear the Voice of God over all the other noise around us?

Matthew 13:43 in the Amplified Bible gives us a clue, “Then will the righteous (those who are upright and in right standing with God) shine forth like the sun in the kingdom of their Father. Let him who has ears [to hear] be listening, and let him consider and perceive and understand by hearing.”

This scripture is set in the context of “eternal” things … of the Eternal Kingdom. There is an eternal reality that we are to hear, comprehend & understand. It is available now! In fact, Luke 17:21 says that it’s so close, it’s within us!! That eternal reality, the reality of the supernatural is greater than our natural reality! In this eternity kingdom reality is completeness of truth, and the full dimension of supernatural power … when we hear the voice of this reality, the things of the Spirit, we can then speak them forth into our natural reality and see supernatural results!!!!

To hear, in the greek, has a rich connotation. It means understanding of what has been naturally heard. It is to perceive the sense of what is said, to perceive by the ear what is announced in one’s presence, to learn, to give ear to a teaching or a teacher, and to comprehend. Many may hear something audibly, but do they hear in this dimension of perception and comprehension?

What are some of the ways that God speaks? • Gentle voice within (guiding, directing, affirming, revealing…) • Spontaneous flow of thought that comes amidst worship, prayer, or seeking God in His Word • Guidance through others (trusted spiritual mentors) • Spiritual truths through 5-fold ministry • The voice of prophecy through Prophets & prophetic gifts flowing in His body • Rhema word that the Holy Spirit illuminates from the written Word • Visions & Dreams • Circumstances, signs around us, and many times through His creation

So then, what are the ways we can place ourselves in a position to hear His voice? • Change your atmosphere through worship • Set your heart toward the Word & His Presence continuously • Seek to deepen your knowledge of the Word (read & study even when it seems dry) • Journal your time with Him, keeping record of the thoughts that flow during that time • Hear from the 5-fold ministry (stay open & receptive) • Be faithful to the corporate worship setting (there is much that God reserves to be revealed in the corporate setting)

Finally, what should we do with what we hear? • Keep our heart sensitive and pure before Him • Consider the word, ponder it in our heart • Seek to grow in understanding by confirming it in scripture • Let the word take root in us (expand its root-system deeply into our hearts) • Seek His Presence continually • Share with trustworthy spiritual mentors • Let His wisdom arise show forth as to when to speak the word forth

Things “heard” in the Spirit are eternal, and have eternal impact! Let’s tune our ear in, to hear what the Spirit is saying for us as individuals, a corporate body & beyond!

Pastor Aimee

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