Keepin’ it Old School

Hey Tab Family,

This week in light of our VBS, I am reminiscing about what it was like to be a kid. Remember back in “the day” or what the kids now call “Old School?” Man, we were so cool with our pinch-rolled stonewashed jeans or jams, scrunch socks, high hair-sprayed hair, or if you were really cool... a mullet!

As I go back and relive when I got saved, I remember vividly my first encounter with God. Where I was, what it felt like, how I processed it, who I knew God was at that moment. I’ll never forget how nothing else in the world mattered and suddenly He became my everything. Even just typing this I have tears running down my face remembering that moment; the moment when I discovered God! This VBS, we are taking it back to that moment where we first discovered God and the adventure of it all.

As we are Keepin' it Old School, as a kid I was a prolific question asker! I probably drove my parents crazy with my questions. I wish I could say that I have grown out of that, but I am fascinated by everything. How something works the way it does, why someone did what they did. What does this mean? So naturally, as a kid, I had so many questions about God. WHO is God, WHAT is He like, WHERE is God, HOW does He move, WHY do God and I exist? Next week, we are going back to basics and answering those questions! I can't wait to see what the Lord will do with it. Will you join me in reminiscing about life as a kid and the awe and wonder of an awesome God? Come on this adventure with us back to the heart of child-like faith and keep it old school as we discover God together again!

Tomorrow starts our Virtual Bible School (VBS) Live on The Tab’s Facebook and YouTube from 7:00 - 8:00pm July 13th - 17th! We are so excited to be able to bring the word of the Lord virtually!

While we are virtually having games, crafts, skits, funny videos, worship, messages, and an amazing puppet, the heart of what we are doing for kids camp is still the same. To share the love of God through His Word by the power of the Holy Spirit. As the kingdom advances and children encounter Jesus like never before, I'm asking you to please join us in prayer for this event. We believe that God doesn't just show up in a building, He is right where you are. The Holy Spirit is not limited by location or technology. HE IS GOD! Thank you for partnering with us in prayer for this event. By doing so, you are impacting eternity for our future generations.


Jenn Cupicha

Tabernacle Children's Pastor

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