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To say that the times we are living in are unprecedented is truly an understatement. They are, but the spirit of the age would be quite familiar to previous generations. From the struggles of ancient Israel to the martyrdom in the early church, the aligning of church and politics in Roman culture, the times of geo-political and religious wars, and the rise evil dictatorships and communism; the spirit of depravity, bondage, deception, lies, and false sense of moral superiority has attempted to blot out the influence of the kingdom of God on the earth. So while this day is unprecedented in our generation and nation, it is the same evil source at work.

How do we live as a supernatural kingdom people in the midst of such a clash of the two kingdoms?

The third chapter of Colossians unlocks a series of 25 guideposts for Kingdom Living that are as empowering for us today as they were in every generation since the Apostle Paul defined them in his epistle in about 62 c.e.

Picture Paul imprisoned in Rome. Epaphras arrives to bring news from the church in Colosse that a growing gnostic heresy was taking root in the church, being influenced by the culture of the day. His letter challenges the believers in Colosse to look solely to the divinity of Jesus Christ, it is through Him that we are all saved. Paul refutes the gnostic heresy by affirming that cannot achieve salvation through their own works, ideas, or successes; blending Christianity by adding to it ideas or philosophies from other sources is dangerous to Paul, so he focuses in on the absolute truth of Christianity. This letter could not possibly be more pertinent to the church today, even if it was written in 2021.

Beginning with the premise of our life being raised in Christ and concluding with our lives becoming praise to Him, Colossians lays out these 25 guideposts for Kingdom living in such a way that we are empowered to stand as supernatural Kingdom people amidst a completely contrary culture.

Some of these guideposts have been a major source of life to me such as:

• Set your minds on the heavenly realm (be heavenly minded) - on things of eternal value, not temporary nonsense (vs 2)

• Guard what’s in your heart and be careful what it produces on your lips (vs 8)

• Clothe yourself in Him & in your new DNA (vs 10)

• Let His presence remake you (vs 10)

• Grow in more complete, personal knowledge of Him (vs 10)

• Enfold yourselves in Unity with others (vs 14)

• Let Christ’s peace (he exerted over the waters) govern your life...your heart & mind (vs 15)

• Sing to one another the song of grace from your heart to God (vs 16)

Colossians 3 is a well-spring of life to us in this historical moment. Let us arise together as kingdom people who know where we are truly seated, and live from that supernatural place as ambassadors of heaven on earth.

To study a complete list of the 25 Guideposts for Kingdom Living click here:

For His Glory!

Pastor Aimee

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