Combating Cultural Truths

Tabernacle Family,

We are living in a generation where truth is conceptual. It has been reduced to a matter of opinion, rather than an absolute. Our children are growing up in a world where they are bombarded by images that have been altered, facts that are one-sided, opinions that are considered truth, and people and fads telling them where to put their allegiance. The increasingly technological and social media-influenced generation that has been created makes it nearly impossible to know and identify truth. I am convinced that it is imperative to teach truth and how to identify it, especially to our children; now more than ever.

What is truth? How can you know what truth really is? How do we identify truth? These seem like loaded questions to answer. For months now I have been asking God to show me the truth; help me to recognize what His truth really is. The answer is simple - Jesus is the truth. And Jesus being the Word is the truth! When we measure facts and opinions against the word, does it hold weight? The word of God is our measuring stick to the truth. In John 17:17, Jesus said: “Sanctify them by truth, your word is truth.”

Dive in and search for truth. God said when we seek him we will find him. One of the other ways Jesus told us to identify truth is in the word. John 16:13 “But when the Spirit of truth comes, He will guide you into all truth.” Look to and lean on Holy Spirit's guidance in seeking the truth. The Word of God and the Holy Spirit's guidance are God-given ways to recognize the truth for ourselves and most importantly to teach them to our children. This next generation needs to know the truth more than ever before. Right now, they are drowning in and believing what I call “cultural truths,” that will never set them free. Speak, teach, and walk out the truth, because His truth will always set us free.

In His Name,

Pastor Jenn Cupicha

Children's Pastor

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